Creative Arts

The creative arts can relate to many forms of the arts embodied in action and practice among them (but not restricted to) drama, dance and musical performance, visual arts, writing, publishing, graphic arts, cartooning, film, multi media and design.

In Humane

To be humane is to have or show compassion or benevolence.

Being concerned with the alleviation of suffering.

To interact with care, consideration and respect.


the word medicine is from the Latin ars medicina, meaning the art of healing.

Broadly speaking the practice of medicine is to be

active in the prevention and treatment of illness.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine. What's the connection?

What's the connection between the arts and medicine? The arts can be used in medicine and in medical education and practice in many forms to help foster the fundamental qualities of human caring such as the study of and application of ethics in practice, opening up new approaches and opportunities for respectful and open human communication between healthcare professionals and patients and patients and their caregivers, creating new ways and places for healthcare professionals to express and be witnessed in their own experiences and emotions related to their work, encouraging empathic practice and facilitating new ways for students and professionals to learn about their patients and identify with their health conditions and in seeking to apply the arts in multiple forms in medicine to help care for the caregivers themselves.