Creative Arts

The creative arts can relate to many forms of the arts embodied in action and practice among them (but not restricted to) drama, dance and musical performance, visual arts, writing, publishing, graphic arts, cartooning, film, multi media and design.

In Humane

To be humane is to have or show compassion or benevolence.

Being concerned with the alleviation of suffering.

To interact with care, consideration and respect.


the word medicine is from the Latin ars medicina, meaning the art of healing.

Broadly speaking the practice of medicine is to be

active in the prevention and treatment of illness.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Art and Anesthesia Connection at Stanford

 This post is part of our continuing book profile series featuring excerpts and quotes from the upcoming book, "Creative Arts in Humane Medicine"......

"We created a forum in which residents, attendees and staff nurture the ideals, values, emotions and creativity which motivated us to go into medicine in the first place.  It is a space that rarely arises in the technical and scientific day-to-day practice of medicine.  Ultimately, this initiative celebrated the artistic, musical and emotional depth of the department which  led to a more coherent sense of community, a deeper understanding of our colleagues,, a vital discussion about anesthesia, and a recognition that wellness initiatives for physicians should encompass the arts and humanities."

"Even in this state the heart has reasons that reason knows not.  Even in this state, the body sings."

Craig Chen MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

Craig Chen is an anaesthesiology resident at Stanford University Medical Center.  He graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in philosophy, a B.S. in biological sciences and a minor in creative writing.  He completed his medical degree at the University of California, San Francisco.  Craig writes poetry and creative nonfiction for his medical blog, Asclepion. He received a Healing Arts Poetry Scholarship to attend the 2009 Napa Valley Writer's Conference where he worked with David St. John. He has also written with David Watts, MD, and Sharon Bray, Ed.D.